Popular Wedding Cake Traditions

Wedding cakes are a tradition that dates back centuries. Though the specifics of the cake have changed over time, the purpose has remained the same: to celebrate the joyous occasion of marriage. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular wedding cake traditions around the world!

What Does A Traditional Cake In North America Look Like?


TraditionThe most popular wedding cake tradition is the tiered cake. This type of cake consists of multiple layers, each one smaller than the last. The tiers are often separated by pillars or separators made of sugar or other edible materials. Tiered cakes are a popular choice for weddings because they offer a dramatic visual effect and can be customized to accommodate a large number of guests.

Another popular wedding cake tradition is the use of flowers. Fresh flowers are often used to decorate the top of the cake or to create a cascade down the side. Sugar flowers are also a popular choice, as they can be made in advance and stored indefinitely.

Finally, wedding cakes are often adorned with special toppers. These can be anything from figurines of the bride and groom to monograms or other symbols that are significant to the couple. Cake toppers add a personal touch to your cake and can be a great way to incorporate your own unique style into your wedding.


Other Wedding Cake Traditions Around The World


In many cultures, the wedding cake is seen as a symbol of fertility. Therefore, it is not uncommon for couples to share a piece of their cake with guests as a way of bestowing good luck upon them.

In Scotland, it is tradition for the bride and groom to take turns eating a piece of shortbread from the top of the cake. This is said to represent the couple’s unity and their ability to overcome any obstacle together.

In Greece, it is common for the top tier of the wedding cake to be saved and eaten on the first anniversary of the marriage. It is believed that this will ensure a prosperous and long-lived marriage.

Wedding cakes are a tradition that is steeped in history and symbolism. Whether you choose a tiered cake, a flower-adorned cake, or a simple cake with a special topper, your wedding cake will be a reflection of your own personal style. Whatever tradition you choose to follow, Divine Specialty Cakes is here to make your dream wedding cake a reality!

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