Wedding Cakes

Planning for your wedding is fun! Part of that fun is picking out your cake and tasting all the flavours you can choose from. Here at Divine Specialty Cakes, we want to make your day extra special with a custom wedding cake. You can also choose from one of our signature cakes as well for your wedding!

The first step is to decide whether you want one of our signature pre-made wedding cakes or to design your very own custom-made wedding cake. Each is  deliciously made and carefully crafted by our certified cake decorator. Her ambition is your ambition so dream big; this is your special day after all! With years of practice and education under her belt, Divine Specialty strives for nothing less than perfection. For custom wedding cakes, you will receive a consultation to talk about your wedding theme and how to finalize your wedding cake to ensure it’ll complement your big day.

Wedding Cake Planning


After you’ve decided between a custom or signature wedding cake, the fun begins. Start by looking through how you want your cake to look and choose a design that compliments your wedding theme. Then order your flavour tasting kit and eat some delicious cake in the process! Our flavour tasting kit will be delivered right to your house, fresh. Flavours inside include Champagne & White Chocolate, Fudge Cake, Strawberry & Champagne, Carrot & Spices, and Velvet & Raspberry. You can learn more about our individual flavours here. We also understand that some of your wedding guests may have allergies. Divine Specialty Cakes is proud to announce that our cakes are peanut-free. Please email me for more details on allergies and cake ingredients. 

On your wedding day, Divine Specialty will deliver your cake at the specified time decided by you provided that you are within the delivery zone (We serve London, Ontario and the surrounding area (Woodstock, Alymer, Dorchester, Sarnia, Chattam-Kent, Stratford, Strathroy, Windsor). The rest is simple, Bon Appétit!

Elegant Wedding Cakes

Custom Wedding Cakes

Whether you have a themed wedding or just want to add a more personal touch to your wedding cake, Divine Specialty can make it happen.

Signature Wedding Cakes

We also offer a wide range of pre-made wedding cakes as well! Still styled with elegancy and ready to make your special day pop.

Our Wedding Cake Flavours

Champagne &
White Chocolate


Strawberry &

Carrot &

Velvet &

Wedding Cake Designer

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